Rollbit Partnership Program

Rollbit Partnership Program

In the world of online gaming, Rollbit stands out as an industry leader, known for its unique and fun experiences. And now, they’re taking things to the next level with the launch of their new Rollbit Partnership Program. This program has been designed to offer affiliates an opportunity to maximize their earnings and enjoy a host of exciting benefits.

Why Promote Rollbit?

Rollbit has experienced tremendous growth since its V2 launch in March 2021. As the most rewarding casino in the crypto space, it returns almost 50% of the house edge on every bet to players. This industry-leading rewards program ensures maximum retention of referrals.

In addition to this, Rollbit offers unique experiences like Challenges, Simplified Crypto Trading, and X-Roulette. Many existing affiliates have already created a secondary passive income via the base affiliate program. With several new features set to launch in the coming months, there’s never been a better time to start promoting Rollbit.

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Rollbit Partnership Program Levels

The Rollbit Partnership Program includes two levels:

Promising Affiliate: To qualify, you need 100 unique and actively-wagering signups with $100,000 or more wagered by referrals. The benefits include a 20% affiliate commission, which is a 100% increase on the existing commission.

Esteemed Affiliate: This level requires 500 unique and actively-wagering signups with $1,000,000 or more wagered by referrals. The benefits are tailored according to your needs and may include increased affiliate commission & Rollbit-funded Challenges.


To maintain the integrity and quality of the program, affiliates must promote Rollbit exclusively and represent the platform positively. Affiliates must also avoid artificially inflating their statistics and actively promote Rollbit. For streamers, this means streaming at least one hour of Rollbit each week. For YouTubers, it means uploading at least one video per week. Website owners must maintain promotions for Rollbit, ensuring all displayed information is accurate and updated.

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How to Apply?

If you meet the above requirements and wish to join the Rollbit Partnership Program, reach out to their support team. They are also available to answer any questions regarding the program.

In conclusion, the Rollbit Partnership Program offers an excellent opportunity for affiliates to earn more while promoting a platform that is committed to providing unique and rewarding experiences for players. It is a win-win situation for all parties involved. Join the journey today!

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